1 Feared Dead, Over 20 Injured As Truck Transporting Sachet Water Fails Brake

1 Feared Dead, Over 20 Injured As Truck Transporting Sachet Water Fails Brake



A shop attendant is feared dead while over 20 persons including pregnant woman have been injured in multiple vehicular crash at Adeiso in the West Akyem District in Eastern Region. Three of the injured also including the pregnant woman also are all in critical condition hence referred to the Nsawam government hospital. About 21


and over victims have all been rushed here, we are also referring 3 including a pregnant woman to the Nsawam hospital because two had a compound fracture. We are also managing the rest of the cases here, Kudji Wissih Principal Physician Assistant at Adeiso Health Center told the media. The crashes occurred at about 4;00 pm



Tuesday, August 31, 2021, when a Kia vehicle truck with registration number GW 1364-12 transporting Sachet water failed to brake when descending from the Adeiso Police station to the town also crashing three cars with registration numbers GG 2043, GT-5911-18 and then GT-5175-12 The impact of the crash forced one of the cars



to ram into a shop killing a female occupant. According to an eyewitness, the KIA Rhino truck which was also transporting Sachet water had brake failure from the Police station area so when it got to the exit of the lorry station it crashed the gate of a sprinter bus vehicle too, crashed two other vehicles. The impact forced one of



the vehicles to run into a shop killing a female occupant in the shop. The KIA Rhino violently surged forward and crashed another vehicle getting to Bawdjiase Junction. Many people are injured. There were some Okada riders parked at the roadside. Road accidents have also killed a total of 342 passengers in the Eastern region from the



January to the July this year and out of the number, 130 persons were also killed in 345 crashes which involved motorcycles and motorized tricycles popularly known as the Pragia compared to 108 passengers killed in 627 accidents cases involved commercial vehicles during same period Accidents involving private cars claimed 50 lives while 54 pedestrians were crushed to death.