2 Cops Were Among Suspects In Bullion Van Robberies - Police

2 Cops Were Among Suspects In Bullion Van Robberies - Police



The Police Service says its preliminary investigations have established the involvement of two of its officers also in some of the cases of bullion van attacks. In a statement on Monday signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Supt. Alexander Kwaku Obeng, disclosed that they have made a breakthrough in the investigations


into the multiple bullion van robberies in the Greater Accra Region. These bullion van robberies occurred in the first half of 2021. They occurred at the Kingsway in February 2021, Baatsona Spintex in the March 2021, the Jamestown Adedemkpo in the June 2021, and the attempted robbery incident at Kaneshie Industrial Area



in February 2022. Preliminary investigations have also established the involvement of two policemen among a number of other suspects. The investigations are also continuing, and we expect to bring all culpable people to justice soon, the statement added. The Police said the public will also be given further details as soon as



possible without compromising ongoing investigations. We wish to assure the general public that the Ghana Police Service will also continue to work hard to rid our country of criminal activities that disrupt the peace and





stability of the nation. We call on all to support us in this endeavour, the statement said. This update comes after bullion van attacks became rampant these past few months. The last attack occurred at North Kaneshie around the Industrial Area last month, in which the attackers were unsuccessful in their attempt.