2 Dead, Several Injured In Hohoe-Jasikan Road Accident

2 Dead, Several Injured In Hohoe-Jasikan Road Accident



The Hohoe to Jasikan stretch of the Eastern Corridor road is becoming a death trap as it nears completion. Two persons are the latest to have been confirmed dead in an accident while using the road on Saturday, March 12, 2022. The two, who died on the spot, were among several passengers on board two mini buses


that crashed head-on last Saturday at about 2;00 pm. The buses, which were moving in opposite directions; one from the Jasikan side carrying some Muslims returning from a marriage ceremony and the other from the Hohoe side carrying commercial passengers, crashed at a spot between Bowiri and Akpafu.



According to reports, the vehicles were destroyed beyond repairs. They commended the ambulance service for its timely response, deploying three ambulances from Jasikan, Kadjebi, and Hohoe to ensure the victims received prompt care and treatment. One of the residents, Ntoh Ameh, explained that it is not



clear what might have caused the accident as it happened so suddenly. That notwithstanding, ever since the Hohoe-Jasikan road took shape, accidents on the stretch have been frequent, they noted. They suspected the quality of the road has led to overspeeding, hence leading to many of these road crashes.The road, which





had been abandoned by successive governments, was awarded to Rolider a few years ago and the project is currently about 90 percent complete. Travel time between Hohoe and Jasikan has been reduced from one hour to about 20 minutes following the construction. This development, the residents say has



led to some reckless driving by some drivers on the route. They have, therefore, called for the installation of road signs and markings to guide drivers, even as the road is completed. The Police are yet to confirm the incident.