215 Suspected Criminals Arrested In Post Bullion Van Robbery Attack Swoop

215 Suspected Criminals Arrested In Post Bullion Van Robbery Attack Swoop



The Accra Regional Police Command has embarked on an enhanced operation in Accra and have arrested 215 suspected criminals and the operation follows recorded cases of violent crimes in Accra, particularly the bullion van attack which led to the killing of a policeman and a woman on Monday, June 14 at the Jamestown, the Pig


Farm robbery, and the killing of a 43 year old man, as well as the Honeysuckle forex bureau attack also and shooting. The three day operation which began on the Thursday, June 17 and also ended on Sunday, June 20, the 2021, rounded up 17 women amongst the 215. The police command in a statement indicated that the ages



of the suspects range between 17 and 52 years. The areas of focus for the exercise include Korlebu, Tesano, Amasaman, Nima, Dansoman, Abokobi, Accra central, the Teshie, the Madina, Batsona, Jamestown, Osu and Lakeside. The 3 day operation forms part of efforts to fight violent crimes, drug peddling, and street robberies.



The Police also mostly intercepted wrapped narcotics substances, sharp implements, mixtures of concoctions laced with narcotics, tramadol, etc. The operation also targeted and impounded 168 motorbikes, believed to be used in facilitating the robberies. The arrested suspects have all been detained and undergoing various levels of



screening also for possible connection to cases under investigation. Accra Regional Police Command remains resilient and also assures all members of the public of providing maximum security as it opens its doors for continuous public cooperation and the volunteering of useful information in stemming the ties, the statement





added. Two bullion vans were attacked by robbers at two 2 different places this very week. One occurred at the Jamestown in Accra, while the other one took place near the Gomoa Dominase in the Central Region. Two persons a police officer and a trader lost their lives in the robbery attack at Jamestown, while an unspecified



amount of money was stolen by the robbers. With the incident that occurred in the Central Region, the bullion van crew managed to escape the attack unhurt. There have also been other cases of robberies and killings reported in other parts of the country. Some persons have suggested that the bullion van attacks and other daylight robberies recorded the in recent times show a failure on the part of the country’s security agencies.