6 Police Officers Interdicted Over Lamashegu Shooting Incident

6 Police Officers Interdicted Over Lamashegu Shooting Incident



The Police Service has interdicted six officers for their roles in a clash between the youth of Lamashegu and the Police on Sunday. This follows initial investigation conducted into the clash which has so far claimed one life and injured others. The disturbance is reported to have erupted when a young man who was then being


pursued by the police dashed into the Lamashe-Naa’s palace to also avoid being apprehended by security personnel. The youth pelted stones at the Police who in turn fired gunshots to disperse the crowd. The Tamale Divisional Command has described the incident as unfortunate. The Divisional Police Commander, Chief



Superintendent George Yeboah Afari, says the police is seriously looking into the matter. “I will say it is also unfortunate. We are all aware of the visit of the Vice President; therefore, I was out within the Tolon District when communication was relayed that a policeman was under attack at Lamashe-Naa palace. When we got



there, the crowd was too much and my reception was not encouraging, not by the Chief and his elders, but the youth around. I then called the patrol team, FPU they came and whisked all of us to the Regional Police Headquarters, he recounted. He also disclosed a 24 year old man is also battling for his life at the Tamale Teaching Hospital after he was hit in the hip by a bullet.



I decided to go to the Tamale Teaching Hospital to see the victim it was alleged was hit by a bullet. In fact, I saw the 24 year old man who was on the sick bed. According to earlier reports, he had been hit with a bullet in the hip. I went there with an investigator, we took pictures of him. Indeed, it was a bit of confirmed that he had been hit; he was responding to treatment. A statement issued by the Public Affairs Directorate of the Police Service





announced that a team of investigators have also been dispatched Tamale to look into the incident. We are all appealing to the people of Lamashegu and the entire Tamale Metropolis to remain calm as the investigation continues into the unfortunate occurrence.