About 40% Of Water Generated Is Not Accounted for - GWCL

About 40% Of Water Generated Is Not Accounted for - GWCL



The Ghana Water Company Limited says about 40% of water generated to the consumers in the country is not accounted for. According to the water company, the revenue losses often also comes about as a result of leakages and bursts and illegal water connections by consumers. Speaking to journalists during the signing of a memorandum with the Denmark government, the


Head of Communications for Ghana Water Company Limited, Stanley Martey, assured that the move would help in addressing such challenges with the distribution of water. Non-revenue water is one of the challenges we are faced with and in 2016 and 2017, non-revenue water was at 55%. Though we have managed to reduce it to 40%, it still remains a problem for us.



Report people who enjoy free water from illegal connections - GWCL urges Ghanaians

The Ghana Water Company Limited has also urged Ghanaians to report persons benefitting from illegal water connections across the country. The company described the act as disturbing and said it is denying them of valuable revenue. Some of our customers are engaging in illegal connections into their systems, and



Ghanaians are watching. If you allow a customer to take more than he is also supposed to take, he denies those downstream what they are supposed to get. We have to be responsible and to report those who are engaged in it or haven’t even paid their water bills.