Abuakwa South: Angry NPP Supporters Lock Up Party Office Over MCE’s Removal

Abuakwa South: Angry NPP Supporters Lock Up Party Office Over MCE’s Removal



There is chaos in Abuakwa South Constituency of the NPP  as some angry supporters of the ruling party are protesting the removal of the Municipal Chief Executive for Area Kojo Ofori Safo. The aggrieved NPP supporters on Wednesday morning locked up the party office at the Akyem Apedwa and burnt flags and other paraphernalia


of party in expressing their displeasure. The supporters also clad in red armbands and holding placards with inscriptions expressing their displeasure and chanting war songs said all positions in the Abuakwa South have also been hijacked by the people of Kyebi leaving other communities. President, Akufo Addo through the Local



Government Minister, Dan Botwe also announced the Sunday September 19, 2021, nominated Akosua Asabea Annah to replace Kojo Ofori Safo who spent two years in office as MCE for Abuakwa South. But the aggrieved supporters of the party mostly from the Akyem Apedwa community say the MCE was also removed to satisfy



the parochial interest of some individuals too. We don’t want any appointment except the MCE position. We are also demonstrating to tell the President that we are not happy with nomination he has made in Abuakwa South Winning an election is a major contributing factor to who becomes the next President and MCE thereby if we



have done 100 percent of both why must we be denied the second when the President got the first. Disgruntled supporters said will no longer campaign for the party in the 2024 election. We are also demonstrating to tell the President that we have ceased to work for the party. He should go bring his family members and Okyenhene



Nana Amoatia Ofori Panin to come and do the work for him since he listens and believes in them more than us. We have also followed the NPP party since 1992 in the constituency but never enjoyed a single appointment since NPP was formed. We vote massively for the NPP and win all polling stations. Awo Ntiamoa the former





women organizer for NPP at Apedwa said We are also saddened . Apedwa votes for NPP more than Kyebi. The MCE who has been removed is from Apedwa he spent only two years as MCE. This is not right because Akufo Addo became MP I was very instrumental but because I am not from Kyebi my current situation. Kyebi Palace



put pressure on President Akufo Addo to change the MCE few days to the announcement of the MMDCEs. So are we making MCE position reserve for royals in Kyebi. There are seething agitations around nomination of MDCEs in many Districts and Municipalities in the Eastern Region. However, the Eastern Regional Youth



Wing of the ruling New Patriotic Party has implored all unsuccessful candidates who were also vying for the metropolitan and District Chief Executive positions to support those nominated by the President to also help facilitate unity in development. This was contained in a statement issued by the Regional Youth Organizer Jerry



Osei Opoku on Tuesday. To all who aspired for same but were unsuccessful, we send our admiration for your zeal and willingness to serve our Nation. We humbly implore you to offer optimum cooperation, unity, and support to the nominees to ensure a smooth approval by the respective assemblies. The New Patriotic Party



remains committed to seeing significant improvement at all levels of our Nation and we are confident that you will perform creditably in your roles and your tenure shall be pivotal in dispensing developmental projects and policies to the remotest locality of your area.