Accra: Police Arrests Errant Motorcyclists, Warns Them To ‘Go And Sin No More’

Accra: Police Arrests Errant Motorcyclists, Warns Them To ‘Go And Sin No More’



The MTTD of the Ghana Police Service on Thursday May 19, 2022, arrested scores of motor riders as part of the Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline PAARI. Suspects were cautioned, sensitised and released to go and sin no more after interaction with some senior police officers. The riders were arrested within Central Business District


of the Accra for various road traffic infractions including jumping red lights, riding without helmets, and riding with expired insurance. Interacting with the suspects, some senior police officers cautioned them to respect road traffic regulations. We are urging you all to respect the traffic regulations. When you get to a traffic light and the



lights are red, stop and you will not have any issue with the police. Before you take your bike, make sure it is duly registered and insured. Do not ride on the pavement but on the road, the errant riders were also told. The PAARI operation was launched in the April 2022 with the aim of ensuring strict compliance to road traffic regulations



by motorcyclists. In the operation, a special team of police riders with bodycams are stationed around major intersections and other strategic locations to monitor the activities of motorcyclists. Errant riders are arrested and prosecuted. Indiscipline among motorcycle users on our roads manifested in riding through red traffic lights, the



non-wearing of crash helmets and general disregard for road traffic regulations has become a the major cause of the road traffic accidents in the country. We would like to caution the riding public to be self-disciplined and follow traffic regulations, the police said in an earlier statement.