Actresses now chase producers with sex for roles - Helen Omaboe

Actresses now chase producers with sex for roles - Helen Omaboe
Helen Omaboe, Actress

MOVIE producers have come under attack for using their position to demand sexual favours from up and coming actresses before giving them roles.

However, veteran actress Helen Omaboe has said that the blame must not be laid at the feet of the producers' alone as some of the actresses are also initiators of sex for roles.

Making a contribution on Peace FM's Entertainment Review on Saturday, October 19, Helen Omaboe, who is a former treasurer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), revealed that some up and coming actresses send nude pictures to producers to get roles.

She noted that her assertion was not just speculation as she had been shown nude pictures of  actresses by producers as evidence of the lengths some people are willing to go to get fame.

"I'm not saying sex for roles is a new phenomenon because it existed during our time but the difference is that at that time, the producers were not so direct with their demands as is said to be happening now.

"But what really baffles me is that, the young ladies are the ones now chasing the producers for sexual favours. I have personally seen naked pictures of these wannabe actresses on the phones of some producers who showed them to me as evidence of what they also go through.

"I believe they are doing this just because they are hungry for fame but that is not the way to go. If you are talented, let your talent speak for you and do not try to influence your chances of getting roles by sleeping with producers. They shouldn't be swayed by fame to engage in regrettable acts," she said.

The former PRO of FIPAG, Ola Michael, who shared similar views said it was very unfair for producers to be the only ones criticised for sex for roles when the actresses were also guilty.

"But for my resolve to save marriages, I would have mentioned names of some actresses who are guilty of this. In most cases, the women are willing to give themselves to producers for roles but we are always quick to attack the latter.

"As a producer, I've had lots of offers so we should be careful when criticising those we think are guilty," he stated.


Source: Graphic Showbiz