Acute water shortage hits Damongo

Acute water shortage hits Damongo
Students have to travel to far places to get water



There is an acute water shortage in Damongo, the capital of Savannah Region.For more than a decade, the area has struggled with a regular flow of potable water but the recent water shortage is hitting hard.The classrooms have suddenly become empty as students abandon school and travel to far places in search of water for their homes.





She said boarding students of Damongo Senior High School and Ndewura Jakpa Senior High School/Technical School, have left their campuses to look for water.



“Some students who were searching for water with 'Kuffour gallons' said getting water in Damongo is very difficult; they said one must walk for between two to three hours to reach sources of water,”





Alhasan Nima, a Form 3 student of Damongo SHS said since she started school some three years ago, she has been bringing her own water to the school every day.



She said the cost of water has also shot up GH₵5 for a gallon and said sometimes before she gets to school, she is exhausted.



According to the 2010 Population and Housing Consensus, Damongo is estimated to have a population of 41,180, which accounts for 1.7 per cent of the region's total population.





As a result of the water crisis in the area, most of the residents there depend on the dam at an agricultural college sited in the area as their source of water.Hudu Amina, a resident said sometimes they have to share the dam with animals that come to drink from the only source of water.



“Amina said last year the water was contaminated by some poisonous chemicals but they have no option because that is the only source of water in Damongo. She said the colour of the water from the dam has changed to yellowish-green but they still buy it.” 





The District Chief Executive of West Gonja, Sead Muhazu, said boreholes drilled to deal with the water situation have all dried up.He has promised to ensure that water tankers bring water regularly as he works to ensure that the water system is improved.