Agenda 111 hospitals Project To Be Completed By June 2024 - Nsiah Asare

Agenda 111 hospitals Project To Be Completed By June 2024 - Nsiah Asare



Government is expected to complete the construction of hospitals under the ambitious Agenda 111 projects by the June 2024. The Presidential Adviser on Health, Mr Anthony Nsiah Asare made this known. He said the processes for the construction of some of the hospitals have already begun. We will have 111 district hospitals,


then we will have seven new regional hospitals. All the six new regions will have their own regional hospitals. We are going through the processes. We have gone through the PPA. We will go through parliamentary approval and work will start In the June 2024, those regional hospitals will be completed. The Agenda 111



project is part of a grand vision for Ghana’s healthcare sector by the Akufo-Addo administration. The project will also ensure that 101 outstanding districts will be provided with hospitals in addition to the 10 selected regional and specialized hospitals. The government has already set aside an amount of $100 million dollars as



commencement funding for the project. Each of the hospitals will cost $16.88 million, with $12.88 million being used for the construction of the hospitals and $4 million for medical equipment.



Some projects to begin in March

67 of the hospitals under the Agenda 111 initiative are to commence by the end of March this year. A manager at Hospital Infrastructure Group, project manager for Agenda 111 hospitals, Kwabena Nyarko, gave an update on how the project is panning out as of the February 9, 2022. We went through a tender process; contractors



have submitted their tender, and they are also being evaluated. After this is done, we will run them through a value-for-money process and all the commercial arrangements will go through Parliament. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has also said he is determined to complete the Agenda 111 hospital projects before the end of his second term.