Aisha Huang Ditches Nkrabea For New Lawyer

Aisha Huang Ditches Nkrabea For New Lawyer



Galamsey Queen, En Huang aka Aisha Huang, a Chinese national standing trial for engaging in illegal mining and illegally re-entering Ghana after her deportation in 2019 has parted ways with her long-standing lawyer, Nkrabeah Effah Dartey. Mr. Dartey had also been representing the beleaguered Chinese national in her criminal trial both at


the Circuit Court and the High Court, where she is facing trial for charges relating to illegal mining and employing foreign nationals. He had been her lawyer since 2018 when she was hauled before an Accra High Court for illegally mining at Bepotenten in the Ashanti Region until the trial was truncated and she was eventually deported



by the Ghana Immigration Service after it turned out that the documents she used in securing her indefinite resident permit were forged. Mr. Dartey was absent when the case was called yesterday. Miracle Attachey announced himself alongside Hope Agboado, as counsels for Aisha Huang. No explanation was given for



the replacement. Aisha Huang was deported in December 2018 after the then Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, entered nolle prosequi to discontinue her trial which was ongoing before an Accra High Court. She, however, managed to re-enter Ghana this year and was able to obtain the Non-Citizen Ghana Card in February, a



situation which had many Ghanaians questioning Ghana’s Immigration policies and whether she was indeed deported in 2018. She was rearrested in September, 2022 and charged for illegally re-entering Ghana following her repatriation in 2018 when she was arrested in May 2017, and put on trial for a similar.



offence of illegal mining. Among the four charges is the restoration of the charge of illegal employment of foreign nationals contrary to section 24 of the Immigration Act, 2000, Act 573, which was one of the charges she was facing during her first rial.