Appiatse Explosion: We Did Not Commit Any Breaches – Maxam Ghana Limited

Appiatse Explosion: We Did Not Commit Any Breaches – Maxam Ghana Limited



The Maxam Company Limited says it did not breach the Minerals and Mining Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2177) as indicated by a three-member committee set up by the Lands Ministry to investigate the cause of the Appiatse explosion. Reacting to a statement dated February 7, by the Ministry, Company also stated that the supposed


breaches with respect to manufacturing, storage, and transportation of explosives for mining and other civil works, as noted by government were not the cause of the explosion that claimed 14 lives and razed the entire Appiatse community down. Due to breaches noted by the Committee, the Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor,



has fined Maxam Ghana Limited $6 million. According to Maxam Ghana Limited, the cause of the incident is related to transport carried out by Arthaan Logistics. Maxam has noted the findings made by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources from its review of the tragic road accident and its assessment of how to avoid



a recurrence. The Ministry has determined that there were certain breaches by Maxam in its operations and has imposed a fine of US$1 million on the company. None of these breaches was the cause of the tragic road accident and all of them relate to the transport carried out by Arthaans Logistics. Based on a different





interpretation of the applicable regulations, we believe that Maxam has not committed any of those breaches, Maxam in its statement dated on the February 8, read. In response to fine against explosives manufacturing company, Maxam Ghana Limited has said it will ensure the payment in order to supply its customers and also



protect the employment of workers and sub-contractors despite its innocence. Given our commitment to Ghana and its welfare, Maxam has agreed to the payment of additional Five Million United States Dollars or its cedi equivalent. Maxam recognises the importance of its product for the value that Ghana and other countries



derive from their natural resources, notably gold, and will continue to work with the mining industry and subcontractors involved in the transportation and use of these explosives to ensure safe handling and use, it added. Maxam Ghana Limited has been provided with a number of measures as a condition precedent to the



restoration of its permit. According to Maxam, it will comply with the 14 measures laid down by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The measures include a ban on Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (ANFO) transportation on a public road to a mine or civil work site unless expressly permitted by the Chief Inspector



of Mines. Other measures too include explosives being guarded by two escort vehicles, one in front and one at the back, both having sirens to warn people about the explosives. The company is to notify the Chief Inspector of Mines of their intention to transport explosives 48 hours before the scheduled transportation, and mine



inspectors are to inspect every transportation to ensure that all regulations and protocols are complied with. Maxam will ensure it is in full compliance with the new regulatory measures announced by the Ministry and will continue to conduct its operations in accordance with the laws of Ghana and international best practices, the



company also assured. Meanwhile, Maxam Company Limited has expressed its condolence to the bereaved families and victims of the Appiatse explosion. Maxam has been deeply saddened by the road accident and the loss of lives, injuries and extensive damage to property suffered by the Appiatse community. Our hearts go out



to the community members. We are indeed saddened by the incident and we express our heartfelt sympathy to Ghana, particularly, members of Appiatse community for the loss of lives, property and livelihoods. Maxam wishes to emphasize its sympathy with the Appiatse community, it concluded.