Appoint Competent MD, Bi-Partisan Board To Fix TOR - Jinapor

Appoint Competent MD, Bi-Partisan Board To Fix TOR - Jinapor



Ranking Member of the Mines and Energy Committee of the Parliament, John Abu Jinapor, is also demanding the immediate appointment of a substantive Managing Director and bi-partisan board for the Tema Oil Refinery. Earlier this week, the Tema Oil Refinery, announced that it has queried and interdicted some of its staff pending



conclusion of investigations into the disappearance of fuel, product storage, and also transfer losses at the refinery. This was announced by interim management committee, which was inaugurated in the June 2021, to oversee the affairs of the company and as part of the government’s efforts to restructure the company. The



investigations by the committee revealed a number of incidents also relating to product storage and transfer losses, including but not limited to the disappearance of 105,927 litres of gas oil on 4th September 2021, which belongs to a BDC client. While the investigations are ongoing, we urge all staff to remain calm and be rest



assured that investigations are also being conducted in accordance with the due process of the law and anyone cleared in the process will be recalled from interdiction, while any form of liability will also be dealt with and in accordance with the law. But reacting to the issue, John Jinapor also called for a change in the direction of the



management of TOR. He is also thus demanding the immediate appointment of an MD and a bi-partisan board for the company. According to him, that is the only way the fortunes of the company can be turned around for the better. The President must also with immediate effect, ensure that a substantive Managing



Director is appointed and that a board is constituted; and I mean not a partisan board or a partisan parochial MD but a competent MD and a competent board that resuscitates TOR and bring it back its days of glory. Mr. Jinapor also complained about what had become of some of the interventions erstwhile NDC government



put in place for the company before leaving office in the 2017. According to him, some crude oil they bought for the company before leaving office had all been sold under some mysterious circumstances. When we were handing over, not only did we hand over the money and assets, we even procured crude oil from the Ten fields



for the refinery to process but those barrels of oil were sold under very mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, the Minority in Parliament has said it will push for a parliamentary inquiry into the disappearance of fuel, product storage, and transfer losses at the TOR. In a statement, it said it did not trust government to conduct



a transparent probe into the matter. The Minority wishes to serve notice that it will not sit unconcerned for Akufo Addo/Bawumia government to also plunge the only oil refinery in the country into comatose, it also stated. We therefore, wish to serve notice that we shall, in the coming weeks, also trigger the appropriate rules and processes for a full-scale parliamentary inquiry into this broad daylight thievery and embarrassing spectacle.