Asabee Firms Up Decision To Contest For NPP Chairmanship Position

Asabee Firms Up Decision To Contest For NPP Chairmanship Position



A former Information Minister under Agyekum Kufuor Administration, Stephen Asamoah Boateng Asabee has also declared his intention and to contest the National Chairmanship position of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP). Asamoah Boateng in an interview in July 2021 hinted at the possibility of running for the office,


stating that consultations were also ongoing. Stephen Asamoah Boateng emphasised the need to touch base with the grassroots and footsoldiers of the party in a bid to also help propagate the work of government and ideals of the party. It has come up to me, and I have accepted the responsibility to look at it and sit down



and draw the strategy for it. So it’s not something I am not looking at, but it’s all at the planning stage. I have got a job here to do. I have also got to look at the party that brought us to power and the grassroots and the footsoldiers who also need to be brought on board. The footsoldiers must be brought on board, and I believe I



have all the qualities to do that. But I have to engage the owners of the party and the elders of the party on my intentions. So I am not ruling that out, I am also still in the thick of consultations now, so the possibility exists. Meanwhile, the former Tourism Minister has now firmed up the decision. In an interview, the former MP said his



years of experience in many capacities and the offices within the NPP makes him a better candidate for the position. He also added that he wants to bring back love and discipline to the NPP. Everyone knows the level of energy in Asabee who will not sit in an office but will go down to the grounds. I am also somebody who can



bridge the gap between the government and the party in the sense that I have been a minister and an MP before, an organizer of the party, and currently, I am also the head of corporate Ghana in government now, so I also understand how to bridge the gap between the party and government. Asamoah Boateng also spoke to the



media on the sidelines of the Western Regional NPP annual delegates conference at the Tarkwa and at the conference, Mr. Asamoah Boateng made the following remarks; I will not sit in the office, but go down to the grounds. The second point is that I am someone who can bridge the gap between the government and the



party. This is because I have been a Minister, an MP, an organizer and I have been the head of Corporate Ghana in government now. So I understand both the wing of the party in Parliament and also on the grounds. So bridging that gap is something I can do. Then there is another thing that I want to highlight, thus bringing back



the love and discipline in the party. If we have that, then it is also easy to mobilize and easy to show love and be accessible to the grassroots. We need to bring them on board and also motivate them to move and that is the motivation I’m bringing on board, he said.