Atiwa East NPP Members Vow To Challenge Credibility Of Polling Station Election

Atiwa East NPP Members Vow To Challenge Credibility Of Polling Station Election



Some Atiwa East New Patriotic Party (NPP) members on Friday besieged the party’s Headquarters in Accra over concerns about breaches recorded in the process toward conduct of polling station executive elections in the area. The aggrieved members wielded placards with inscriptions such as 2022 NPP polling station elections


hasn’t been held in Atiwa East, NPP National leadership save Atiwa East to break the 8 and No leadership in Atiwa East. According to them, polling station elections were conducted at only three of 24 polling stations in the constituency and that defies party’s constitution. They vowed to aso resist plans to hold electoral area



coordinators elections, since they also believe the due processes for polling station elections must be held to elect new polling station executives. The chairman and his cohorts are claiming that they’ve conducted the elections. But they actually conducted it in only three villages, meanwhile we have about 24 polling stations,



so how can you conduct elections for only three polling stations and use it to represent the whole constituency. As far as we are concerned, elections have not been held in the constituency because they have not followed principles for conducting elections within the party, and so we wrote several petitions, one aggrieved party



members said. Another protestor said, We will also keep pushing until what is right is done too. We say that coordinators elections which was announced by the General Secretary, the basis of that election will be the polling station executive elections and following our constitution, that election has not been held and so



there is no way the election for coordinators can be held. We are calling for resale, re-vetting so that the election can go on. Until an album is made, there is no way we can go and conduct electoral area coordinators election, another protestor also stressed. Meanwhile, earlier this week too, about sixty New Patriotic Party





members from the Kwadaso constituency picketed at their party’s headquarters in Accra to petition their national leaders over issues they had with the recent polling station executive elections. The protesters also alleged that the Chairperson for the constituency’s polling station elections, Gifty Ohene Konadu, breached



the party’s constitution in the conduct of the polling station executive elections in the area. Members of the group say they had petitioned the party’s regional office and were in Accra to petition their national leaders.