Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly Marks Maiden Farmers Day Celebration

Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly Marks Maiden Farmers Day Celebration



The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and staff of Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly (ANMA) have held their maiden farmers' day celebration to recognize the efforts of gallant farmers in the Municipality.

According to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Aminu Mohammed Zakari, the celebration forms part of recognizing the dauntless farmers whose immense efforts have contributed towards the feeding of citizens.

Speaking on the theme ‘Enriching small scale Agriculture towards Agribusiness Development’, he said “Agriculture is, in fact, the backbone of Ghana’s economy hence the need to recognize the actors of the Agricultural Sector every first Friday of December”


He added that although agriculture is the backbone of the economy, about 80 percent of the total farmers are small scale farmers but with the potential to transform into commercially viable farmers if supported appropriately.

He further noted that government is determined to enrich small scale agriculture towards Agribusiness Development.

Hon Zakari also revealed that Government has come up diverse measures to promote the agribusiness sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities.


“Mr. Chairman, another policy that seeks to enrich small scale agriculture towards Agribusiness Development that the Nana Addo led government has promoted is the One District One Factory policy. This policy is aimed at creating jobs for Ghanaians through setting up factories and industries in all the 260 Districts which will, in turn, move the country towards greater industrialization” he added.


The Municipal Chief Executive mentioned that the One District One Factory policy coupled with the Planting for Food and Jobs policy were not just introduced to enrich small scale agriculture towards agribusiness development but to also create more jobs for the people of this Municipality in the industrial and agriculture sector.


Municipal Director of Agric, Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly, Bertha Karbo stated that growing for food and jobs encompasses planting for food and jobs which is the government’s flagship programme in agriculture.

She said “It actually refers to the growing of Ghana’s overall economy resulting in the creation of jobs which in the agricultural sector will lead to the production of more food”

She further added that calls for the creation of cottage industries for processing or adding value to the food so produced which will lead to a reduction in post-harvest losses and enhance the incomes of our farmers.


Speaking on the upcoming elections, Head of National Commission on Civic Education, Ayawaso North Municipal Assembly, Eunice Nkrumah Brown pleaded with the constituents especially the youth to desist from uncalled for behaviours at various centres come December 17.

She said “The men in blue-black and green will be spread at vantage points on that day. Any unacceptable behaviours exhibited will warrant arrest by the police”




One major policy the Nana Addo led administration introduced to boost agriculture in the country is the famous policy of Planting for Food and Jobs. The Planting for Food and Jobs policy seeks to create food security and produce the raw material to feed the agro-processing industries while creating jobs in the process. This goes a long way to reduce the unemployment rate in the country and serves as an encouragement to the youth to actively engage in farming.