Bangkok: Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets At Protesters

Anti-gov’t protesters rally in the Thai capital against the state’s failure to handle COVID outbreaks and the economy.

Bangkok: Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets At Protesters
A police officer fires a weapon during clashes with demonstrators protesting against what they call the government’s failure in handling the coronavirus pandemic



Thailand police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators in Bangkok also protesting against the government’s failure to handle coronavirus outbreaks and its effect on the economy too and more than 1,000 protesters defied restrictions on public gatherings on Saturday and marched towards Government House, the


office of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, demanding his resignation. Police sealed off a road near Victory Monument using the containers and shot tear gas and rubber bullets to push protesters back. We are holding this line, police announced over a loudspeaker. About 100 officers were seen in riot gear and shields metres



away from where demonstrators had gathered. Street protests against the government have been held in the recent weeks by several groups, including the Prayuth’s former political allies, as the frustrations mount over its management of coronavirus outbreaks and the damage pandemic measures have inflicted on the economy.



Franc Han Shih, a journalist based in Bangkok, told the media that Saturday’s protest was partly triggered by the Thai government’s sluggish rollout of its COVID -19 vaccination programme too and the wrong vaccination policy really irritated citizens also in Thailand, said Shih, who added that the government had made a deal for 10



Demonstrators gather during a protest against what they call the government's failure in handling the coronavirus pandemic



million doses of the AstraZeneca jab, but had only  received half so far. Although China provided more than 6 million doses of Sinovac, it isn’t enough, he added. On Saturday, Thailand reported a record of nearly 22,000 new reported COVID-19 cases and the highest number of daily deaths - 212. Overall, it has reported 736,522



cases of the coronavirus, including 6,066 deaths, since the pandemic began last year. I’m worried about the situation but we will have to continue fighting despite the severe COVID outbreak, 27 year old protester Nat, who only gave one name, told the media. A youth led street protest movement for democracy rose up last



year and at its peak drew tens of thousands to rallies in Bangkok. The demonstrators called for the resignation of Prayuth, the former army chief who came to power in a 2014 coup, as well as changes to the military-scripted constitution and calls for changes to the monarchy.