Be Transparent In Your Dealings - Akufo-Addo To NLA

Be Transparent In Your Dealings - Akufo-Addo To NLA



President Akufo-Addo has stressed the need for the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) to do its activities and operations in an open manner devoid of any shady deals. “As an institution tasked with revenue generation, I will implore you to ensure that you exercise the highest form of transparency and integrity in the conduct of your


draws to uphold the confidence that the public continues to have in you”, he said. He believes it is the best way to keep its credibility in the gaming industry, whilst insisting that “the onus to achieve this does not only lie in your ability to generate revenue for government and give back to society, but more importantly, in ensuring that the



Ghanaians who play your lottery games receive a true reflection of the daily results published.” This was when he spoke as the special guest of honour at the 60th-anniversary celebration of the NLA in Accra Friday evening. As a revenue generating institution, the President said the NLA has a responsibility to exercise



the highest form of transparency and integrity in the conduct of its draws if the organisation is to continue to enjoy the confidence the Ghanaian people have in them. He took the opportunity to commend the NLA for “its sustained efforts at maintaining this national endevour especially for the sense of commitment to fulfilling the



obligation embedded in the National Lotto Act to take care of the needy, the aged, orphans and the destitute.” “Giving back to society through your good causes foundation compliments the efforts of government in the development of our country and it is worthy of emulation by others” the



President emphasised. According to the President, the NLA’s ability to ensure responsible and transparent gaming is the surest way for their promise of ‘enriching lives through games’. “I urge you also to implement stringent policies on responsible gaming, chiefly, to prevent minus and under-age persons from patronizing your games and to help sanitize the lottery



and betting space.” That, he said was because “the Ghanaian people are expectant of reforms that will help you live up to your vision of becoming the organisation of choice and blueprint for lottery in Africa.” President Akufo-Addo also urged the NLA to follow strictly, the high standards of the World Lottery Association (WLA) on CSR and supporting good causes.