Bird Flu Hits Accra, Volta And Central Regions

Bird Flu Hits Accra, Volta And Central Regions



Ministry of Food and Agriculture says there’s outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza disease, also known as Bird Flu, in parts of the country. According to the Ministry, its Veterinary Services Directorate detected the Flu in the Greater Accra, Central and Volta Regions. The Ministry, through its Veterinary Services Directorate,


has confirmed the outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza disease, otherwise known as Bird Flu in some parts of the country. These are the Greater Accra, Central and Volta Regions, a statement also from the Ministry announced. The outbreak of disease follows the detection of similar cases in neighbouring countries



since January 2021. Through effective surveillance and the disease control management also, the Veterinary
Services Directorate has prevented the extension of the disease into Ghana until now. The cases of the Bird Flu disease were previously recorded in Ghana in the 2007, 2015, 2016 and also 2018. The zoonotic nature of the



disease calls for public alert and vigilance to mitigate the possible impact on the poultry industry and public health in general, the statement, signed by Dr. Patrick Abakeh, Director, Veterinary Services Directorate, added. The Ministry has thus announced following measures for immediate compliance;



1. A total ban on the importation of poultry and poultry products from neighbouring countries where the prevalence of the disease has been confirmed.



2. A ban on the movement of poultry and poultry products within and from the affected regions and districts to other parts of the country, and strict inspection and issuance of permits to cover the movement of all poultry and poultry products from unaffected parts of the country.



3. Intensification of public awareness and sensitization by Regional
Coordinating Councils and District Assemblies, especially in the affected areas.

To further ensure public safety, citizens are advised to:
i. Report any unusual death of domestic poultry and wild birds to the nearest Veterinary office and public authorities,

ii. Avoid the handling of dead birds with bare hands at all costs,

iii. Consume only well-cooked poultry meat and poultry products. The Ministry wishes to assure the general public that there is no cause for fear and panic, since the Veterinary Services Directorate is also taking all necessary steps to contain the outbreak and spread of



the disease to other parts of the country. The success of this call hinges on the full cooperation of the general public. For further enquiries, kindly contact Dr. Patrick Abakeh, Director Veterinary Services Directorate on phone number 020-8240734.