Budumburam Camp: Residents Given Up To Sept. 30 To Relocate Ahead Of Demolition

Budumburam Camp: Residents Given Up To Sept. 30 To Relocate Ahead Of Demolition



Residents of Budumburam camp in the Central Region have been given up to September 30, 2021, to vacate the area to pave way for the planned demolition. The directive comes after the Chiefs and People of Gomoa Fetteh led by Chief of the town, Nana Abor Attah, also appealed to the government of Ghana to demolish the


enclave to rid the place of suspected criminals. They subsequently gave the government three months to heed their call. In a letter signed by the District Chief Executive for the Gomoa East, Solomon Darko Quarm, those living inside the Budumburam camp have been asked to vacate the area before September 30, 2021, to



allow for the demolishing exercise to also take place. According to the DCE, they have given the people of Gomoa Budumburam enough time to relocate hence the decision to move them by the September 30, 2021. Since the decision came from the government to move the people from the Budumburam camp, we quickly



also informed them, so I don’t think we should have a problem at all. We have started serving the affected residents eviction notices, Solomon Darko Quarm told the media. He says those who fail to leave the enclave after the September 30, 2021 deadline, will also surely have themselves to blame since some portions of the



enclave will be demolished. After September 30, 2021, deadline persons who fail to move their properties from the area will suffer the consequences that come with it, Solomon Darko Quarm warned. The Assembly says enough consultations have been done between opinion leaders and the community with eviction letters given to



everyone concerned, adding that although they also anticipate strong opposition from the residents, laid down procedures have been followed to allow for the place to be demolished. We have also had enough consultations with government, opinion leaders, chiefs, and residents and have come to the conclusion that the



place must be demolished for the betterment of the people of Gomoa East. Letters too have been served to affected residents to move, Solomon Darko Quarm said. According to some of the residents who spoke to the media, although plans are far advanced to demolish the area, the perception that Budumburam camp harbours



criminals is false. People often commit the crime and then come and hide here, in Budumburam camp, for the fear of being arrested. Not everyone living inside the camp is a criminal as it is being purported, a resident who gave his name as Adolf told the media.