Business Is Tough, The Economy Is Tough - Kennedy Agyapong Laments

Business Is Tough, The Economy Is Tough - Kennedy Agyapong Laments
Kennedy Agyapong



Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, has admitted that things are very hard under the present economic conditions, especially so for businesses. Without enumerating the specifics of his claim, the outspoken lawmaker called for decisive action by way of rethinking plans, policies and programmes to ensure


Ghana is weaned off donations and external support. Business is tough, the economy is tough. If I sit here and say it is otherwise, I will be lying. I must admit that things are tough. But there is hope and what we should bear in mind is that it is situations like this that births inventions and innovations, he stressed. He said



Ghana needs to reset and recalibrate economic models because everyone the world over is taking care of themselves and to that end, we cannot depend solely on donations and handouts. It is time to review our policies and programmes and be bold. He related to pragmatic policies citing the touted policies of Dan Lartey’s Great Consolidated Popular Party, GCPP, and the Acheampong



era. We should put policies in place to help us live as normal human beings created by God. He also referred to a list of imports and how much it costs, advancing thus, let us address the importation of certain goods, import substitutions and build more factories, citing how the 1D1F projects can help build an export-oriented economy as compared to the import-dependent Ghana is grappling with.