Car catches fire, crashes onto sidewalk at Mile 7

Car catches fire, crashes onto sidewalk at Mile 7



A Hyundai Santa Fe with registration number GW 6363-16 caught fire on the Achimota Mile 7 road few metres from the Achimota Mall.The driver escaped unhurt as people in the vicinity massed up to help put the fire out. 



Inspector Samuel Ninson, a Jubilee House Security, who was the first officer to arrive at the scene said the fire might have been caused by faulty electrical wiring in the Hyundai Santa Fe.








The driver, a middle-aged woman who is yet to be identified, had to park suddenly when her bonnet caught fire.Other eyewitnesses said the driver crashed the burning car into the sidewalk out of panic.





The fire was successfully quenched after residents rushed to the rescue of the driver with buckets of water from nearby houses.



The quick response prevented an explosion with no casualties recorded.