Chief Of Aflao Slams Government Over Abandoned E Blocks

Chief Of Aflao Slams Government Over Abandoned E Blocks



Paramount Chief of the Aflao Traditional Area, Torgbui Fiti Amenya V has also expressed discontent over the government’s inability to complete and operationalize the Aflao Community Day Senior High. The project is one of the several E block facilities under Progressively Free SHS programme which began during the erstwhile


John Dramani Mahama administration. Though work on the facility is almost 90% complete residents in the area believe progress on the project has been at a snail pace a position Torgbui Fiti V reiterated when the Minority MP's Education Committee visited the area on Tuesday. He said, Aflao is the only urban community in Ghana



without a senior high school but day-in-day-out too my friends in the media only carry bad stories about Aflao. They’ll not come and comb the area and see why these people are always thieves, smugglers and why we are always going to Togo. These are researches the media and government have to do. After the BECE, our children



now begin to struggle for space in schools elsewhere and so this thick population in most cases has no place to go, he added. On the E-Block project, the vociferous traditional ruler, who was virtually fuming added, I had to push former President Mahama to bring that project here. I had to be running from here to Accra, begging,



should we beg for education. If we also have to beg for education before our people have to go to school then I don’t know what democracy means but now, look at the structure standing over there, 90% complete. Now in the era of the NPP, we have the Free SHS but my people are not benefiting because the school is also not here. He,



therefore, demanded from the Education Ministry to take steps to complete and operationalize the school at the commencement of the next academic year. Your coming here is redemption to the suffering people of Aflao. Carry this message to the Minister of Education that come February, I want this school to be opened. The Ranking Member for the Education Committee and



MP for Akatsi North, Peter Nortsu-Kotoe who led the team assured the Chief that Committee would ensure that government as a matter of urgency addresses the issues regarding the abandoned E Blocks especially the almost completed Aflao one to benefit of the people. The Committee also visited and inspected another E-Block facility at the Ziope Senior High school in the Agotime-Ziope District.