Childhood Cancer: KATH Records Over 175 New Cases

Childhood Cancer: KATH Records Over 175 New Cases



Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is recording increasing cases of childhood cancers at its Paediatric Oncology Unit. Head of the Unit, Dr. Vivian Paintsil reveals there has been over 175 cases in 2022. At first we were seeing between 110 to 120 new cases every year but for this year, we have over 175 new cases, she said.


She was speaking at an end-of-year party for the children suffering from childhood cancers. Four cancers are said to constitute approximately 60 percent of all Childhood Cancers and are highly curable if detected early. These comprise Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, Burkitt Lymphoma, Retinoblastoma and Wilms Tumor.



Though Dr. Paintsil was not sure of the causes of the rise in cases, she believed increased awareness has been crucial. She therefore warned parents to take note of early warning signs. We’ve been doing a lot of early warning sign training around, and it could also be that the number of cases are just going up, she said. Any time, you have any persistent symptoms.



Any spot in the eye, any squint and any time they’re swellings or lumps, unexplained severe bone pain the person must be referred to the hospital, these can be indicators that the child may be suffering from childhood cancers, he said. The party was sponsored by the National Health Insurance Authority.



The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has begun covering some childhood cancers. The Authority registered patients and their caregivers onto the scheme, under the project 1000 kids. Board Chairman of the governing board, Dr. Ernest Kwarko who is personally sponsoring 1,000 kids, urged the citizenry to get onto the scheme.