Clear Your Goods Within Seven Days - GRA

Clear Your Goods Within Seven Days - GRA



Ghana Revenue Authority has admonished all importers and the trading community to ensure that their goods are cleared within seven days after being discharged. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to bring to the attention of the trading community and the general public, that goods imported into the country per Section


52 of the Customs Act 2015 (Act 891), are supposed to be cleared within seven (7) days after being discharged or within a further period as the Commissioner-General may in special circumstances allow. A statement signed by the Communications and Public Affairs Department of GRA added that where the goods are not cleared



within the stipulated seven days, they are deemed to be deposited in the State Warehouse for a period of not more than fourteen days. The goods attract warehouse rent, and after twenty-one (21) days, they are put on the Uncleared Cargo List (UCL) and are due for forfeiture. According to the GRA, importers who do not clear their



goods from the ports after this period need to apply to the Commissioner-General online via the Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) for approval for an extension of time to clear. If approved, the GRA said the importer is given seven (7) days to clear the goods from the port. The statement added that the process of forfeiture starts immediately after the goods go on the



UCL or after the expiry of any extension period. Importers are to note that, the purpose of UCL management is not only for recovery of Customs duty and charges, but also to ensure that the ports are decongested of uncleared cargo.