Cocaine Trafficking Syndicate Of Ghanaian Origin Arrested In UK

Cocaine Trafficking Syndicate Of Ghanaian Origin Arrested In UK



A gang of drug traffickers have been arrested through a joint operation by Ghanaian officials and counterparts from the United Kingdom. The arrest led to the seizure of 38 kilograms of cocaine, estimated to be valued at £2.88 million. The suspects are; Eric Kusi Appiah, 51; Mr Albert Kaakyire Gyamfi, 52; Jennifer Agyemang, 38


years; and Julius Tetteh Puplampu, 56 years. Statement released by the Narcotics Control Commission said it began looking into the activities of the syndicate, which was moving the banned substance through the Kotoka International Airport in January 2021. Eric Kusi Appiah, was the first to be arrested. He was also arrested at the



Heathrow Airport after moving cocaine from Ghana hidden in food boxes. The arrest also prompted more collaboration between the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and Ghana’s Narcotics Control Commission. On the 14 May 2021, Albert Kaakyire Gyamfi and Jennifer Agyemang travelled through KIA to the UK and as part



of the operational strategy, Albert Kaakyire Gyamfi and Jennifer Agyemang were allowed to travel to UK. Upon their arrival at Heathrow Airport, on 15 May 2021, they were arrested for attempting to traffic into UK fifteen kilogrammes (15kgs) of cocaine worth one million one hundred thousand pound sterling (£1.1 million). The



cocaine was then found concealed in the base of the suitcase of Jennifer Agyemang. Forensic analysis also revealed a high reading of cocaine on the suitcase of Albert Kaakyire Gyamfi, the statement also said. Julius Tetteh Puplampu, who is said to be an ex-convict who was jailed 10 years in the 2012 for the same offence in



Ghana, was also arrested at Heathrow after trafficking cocaine from Ghana by concealing it at the base of his suitcase. On 7 December 2021, two more individuals linked to the syndicate were arrested in Ghana for their involvement in the case, the statement said. Eric Appiah and Albert Kaakyire Gyamfi have since been jailed nine years. Jennifer Agyemang was also sentenced to six



years and nine (9) months imprisonment. On Thursday, 10 February 2022, Julius Tetteh Puplampu, was also sentenced to six (6) years and then nine (9) months imprisonment. The Narcotics Control Commission has expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with the UK authorities. It says it is committed to protecting the country’s borders from criminal drug syndicates.