Come What May, National Cathedral Will Be Built – Akufo-Addo

Come What May, National Cathedral Will Be Built – Akufo-Addo



President Akufo-Addo has said that the National Cathedral will be built despite the protest by some Ghanaians. According to him, come what may, the National Cathedral project will be in its advanced stage before he (the President) leaves office.


He made this known during a New Year Service with pastors from various denominations in Ghana at Jubilee House on Tuesday, January 10. “…I am very encouraged by your words on the National Cathedral. I am very determined that come what may, I have two more years, whatever the case, the National Cathedral will be at a very advanced stage before I leave office.



I think it is important that we do it.” “There will be critics, I think we have to take it as they are all part of life. But it should not be a sign of discouragement to us to be able to go forward,” he added. President Akufo-Addo said even though the country is in hardship, he is however optimistic that with determination, his government will be able to turn the fortunes of the country around.



“Yes times are difficult but difficult times also call for resolution, they call for strength, they call for commitment. And that is what hopefully, I am sure that with determination, that, come what may, my government will work our way out of the difficulties we have in this country,” he said.



“It is not permanent, Ghana is a land with many possibilities, and even though we are caught up in global situation like many other countries, we can still find our way forward. And that’s my determination.” he ended.