Commercial drivers need regulating agency – MTTD

Commercial drivers need regulating agency – MTTD



The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police service has called on the roads ministry to as a matter of urgency set up a regulatory agency to oversee the activities of commercial drivers and their unions.

This they believe will greatly improve the blatant disregard for traffic rules by some drivers. The call comes as both the police service and the country readies itself for the Christmas festivities.

Over the last couple of years, road carnages increase during such periods with many attributing the causes to reckless driving.

Speaking on Alert with Adam Bonaa, Director in charge of Education, Research and Training with the MTTD, Supt. Alexander Obeng said the agency is necessary as the activities of commercial driver’s contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

He said “commercial transport operation has not been fully regulated and that is why people can enter and exit freely. And that is why there is no national entity for example at ministry of transport that will seek to regulate, registering, seeing to giving permits to the operator, holding operates to account regarding the behavior of the drivers they engage, and monitor and all that.”

“So that if a driver even violates, that driver might not even be chased but he operator, elsewhere they are doing it,” he said,He also revealed however that the LI to that effect is being reviewed.