Complete abandoned projects or forget our votes – Kwahyia Chiefs to NPP Gov’t

Complete abandoned projects or forget our votes – Kwahyia Chiefs to NPP Gov’t



The Chiefs and residents of Kwahyia, a farming Community in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern region are calling on government to resume work on abandoned CHIPs Compound and Toilet Facility projects in the community.


The Projects had stalled at foundation level for a long time with no hope of continuation. Meanwhile residents continue to defecate in the open due to lack of toilet facility.Also, access to health facility has become a challenge particularly for pregnant women seeking antenatal and postnatal services.


“We don’t have Clinic here so we travel to Suhum Government Hospital for antenatal care and for treatment. If you are not lucky and your condition worsens at night you may die because there is no car that plies the road that time, only motorbike so if we have a Clinic it will help us particularly we the pregnant women”


Residents predominantly peasant farmers also want government to rehabilitate the deplorable road linking the farming community to Suhum township to enable them transport their farm produce without difficulty.
According to them, the poor state of the road is having debilitating effect on agriculture as their farm produce rot.


“This place was known for cultivation of Vegetables in commercial quantities but for sometime now, due to the deteriorating condition of the roads, buyers who use to come across the country don’t come so the tomatoes, garden eggs etc all glut. So many farmers have stopped cultivating vegetables.”


The Development Chief (Nkosuohene) of Kwahyia Community, Nana Boakye Yiadom II-has warned that residents will not allow political parties to campaign in the area and will also not take part in this year’s election if their problems are not fixed.


“During election year like this, Politicians come to convince the people, lie to them to vote for them but this time ,we are saying No Road No vote. We are telling the Politicians, we are sick and tired of them and we are telling them if they really want to come here and campaign then they should also think of the road they will ply to campaign .Trust me,you can’t use this road to come and lie to us”


To help improve health conditions of the impoverished residents, the Nkosuohene has registered about 200 underprivileged inhabitants onto the National Health Insurance Scheme as its await government to honour it side of the social contract with the people.


“We realized we’ve recorded couple of teenage pregnancies in the area,also you see someone seriously sick but doesn’t want to go to the hospital because can’t afford the Hospital bills.So he will be in the house and die or choose the herbal way.So i consulted Mr.John Arthur,a very good friend who is an entrepreneur ,and he supported me to register my subjects,” he said.