Concession agreement for Accra Sky Train project signed

Concession agreement for Accra Sky Train project signed



Concession Agreement for the construction of the Accra Sky Train Project has been signed on the sidelines of the ongoing African Investment Forum on Monday.

The signing of the agreement means feasibility studies, spanning a period of nine months to determine the bankability of the project will commence, with the investors assuring that the first station for the Accra Sky Train project will be opened in nine months.



At the signing ceremony, President Akufo-Addo described it as “a happy day for Ghana and her good people”, adding that it is a “critical step towards the consummation of this project”, and a vivid testimony of the value of the African Investment Forum.

The President thanked the Sky Train Consortium for putting together the wherewithal that is allowing this project to go forward.





The Accra Sky Train, according to him, “is meeting an important infrastructural need, and hopefully the step that is being taken today, that is signing the concession agreement, is bringing the project to much nearer conclusion. That is what we are hoping for so that the people of Ghana benefit from the progress and the relief that a modern system of transport in our capital city is going to bring.”




About Sky Train

SkyTrain systems are pre-fabricated using precision moulded, pre-stressed reinforced concrete components that are capable of being installed at a very rapid rate, meaning that there is minimal disruption and congestion in the urban area that is undergoing installation and commissioning.





The proposed SkyTrain initiative in Accra provides for the development of five routes, four of which are comprised of radial routes that originate at the proposed SkyTrain Terminal, at the heart of Accra, at a newly developed Kwame Nkrumah Circle, and one route that provides and intra-city commuter loop distribution service, also emanating from Kwame Nkrumah Circle.The Project envisages a total track length across all routes of 194 kilometres.