Court issues arrest warrant for site manager of Airport building

Court issues arrest warrant for site manager of Airport building



The Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court presided over by Justice Nicholas Mensah Abodakpi has issued a bench warrant for the immediate arrest of Samuel Hinson, the site manager of the Turkish Construction firm which is at the centre of the 22-storey building saga at the airport residential area.


Following an application for contempt against the Kess Plus Company and its site Manager Mr Hinson, by the Association International School, the court found that Mr Hinson the 2nd responded in the matter has deliberately refused to attend court.


In court on Monday when the case was called for hearing, lawyers of Kess Plus Company, (1st respondent) informed the court that their affidavit in opposition has not been served on the applicant.


He said he was going to follow that up and make sure the applicant is served with their affidavit in opposition.

But with the site manager, Hinson, 2nd respondent the court observed that after the posting of the order of substituted service, the 2nd respondent is deemed to have been served.


The court also added that the substituted service order was granted as far back as December 5, 2019, and posted on December 20 which was to last for 14 days.


The court said that the 14 day period had elapsed and the 2nd respondent is deemed to have been served with the processes.


A bench warrant was therefore granted for the arrest of Samuel Hinson, site manager of the Kess Plus construction company, in the centre of the construction of the 22-storey building controversy.


This was after Belinda Pwamang, lawyer of Association International School made a request to the court for a court warrant to be issued for his arrest.The court presided over by Justice Nicholas Abodakpi granted the application for his immediate arrest.