Deal With Western Togoland ‘Militia Group’ – Security Analyst To Gov’t

Deal With Western Togoland ‘Militia Group’ – Security Analyst To Gov’t



A Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye Rtd. has said the activities of the Homeland Study Group Foundation, could degenerate into an insurgency if urgent steps are not taken to halt the trend.


He said recent photos on social media that shows the group reportedly training some young people as military officers poses a serious security problem in the country and urgent action must be take by the country’s security agencies to clamp down on them.



According to him, the trend of the group’s actions points to the fact that the group has a well-planned itinerary to execute which may destabilize the country.

Colonel Aboagye called on authorities to take caution from neighboring countries who suffered similar tragedies.


“The idea that this is generating, is becoming serious and bearing in mind how we could end up where other countries are, should give great cause for concern. If any group of persons anywhere can assemble on the sovereign territory of Ghana and conduct training which could be about 8 weeks or more and graduate before national intelligence gets to know, there is any obvious case that there has been intelligence failure here,” he said.