Despotic Akufo Addo Using Military Officers To Destroy Ghana - Mahama

Despotic Akufo Addo Using Military Officers To Destroy Ghana - Mahama



Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has condemned acts of tribalism in Banda. There is a video currently been circulated on various social media platforms in which the people of Banda are condemning


the President for using the Military to prevent some residents of Banda to register to vote in the impending elections because they are Ewes. In the video, the people are heard complaining bitterly about the acts of



discrimination and ethnocentrism displayed by the soldiers and are shocked that they are been prevented to undertake their civic responsibility. Reacting to the video, the former President in a post on his social



media handles condemned the act saying “This is not the Ghana our forebears toiled for and built! Each and every successive President left a peaceful, stable and united country. The road President Akufo Addo is taking



our beautiful country through, using the military and party thugs to stop people from exercising their right to register and vote in the upcoming December elections, is dangerous and unacceptable. There have been many



reports and video evidence, like the one in this post, of the President’s deployment and discriminatory use of soldiers to target our brothers and sisters in the Volta Region and wherever there are settlements of



Voltarians and non Akans. Executive power must not be used to foment ethnic discrimination and abuse as is happening under Nana Akufo Addo. These calculated acts of “dehumanisation, disenfranchising Ghanaians and stripping them of their citizenship” must end. They



will surely never happen under a new NDC administration because we will foster a spirit of peace and unity in our nation. As Commander in Chief, I will not use our military in such a partisan manner to terrorise our own people, and in matters that are purely civil and dwell in the very heart of our constitutional democracy”