Don’t Ascribe Political Motives To #FixTheCountry Group; John Mahama To Government

Don’t Ascribe Political Motives To #FixTheCountry Group; John Mahama To Government



Former President, John Mahama is asking government to also prioritize the demands of the #FixTheCountry movement. Mr John Mahama insists that the demands of the group are legitimate and cannot be downplayed. Mahama made the remark when he spoke at the NDC Professionals Forum at the Cedi Conference Centre of


the University of Ghana on Monday, September 6, 2021. According to him, instead of ascribing political motives to their demands, government should rather consider the genuine cry for help from the young citizens and the entire population. The speed with which hundreds of thousands of young people spontaneously took over social media and demanded that this country be fixed is



a cautionary tale on how exactly the people feel about the way this county is also being governed. Rather than cynically scoffing at these calls, and ascribing political motives to them, and pretending that the genuine cry for help from our citizens is the figment of imagination of some political leaders, we should be lending a listening ear to these young people and indeed the general population.



About Fix The Country Group

The protest was to press on the government to also address Ghana's numerous challenges, including youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, and high cost of living. Clad in red-head and armbands, the protesters held placards with inscriptions some of which read, ‘A nation without patriotism is a dead nation’,  We aim for



waakye, they also aim for V8s’, ‘Fix the Country, ‘A new Constitution for the People’, and among others. A few months ago, the campaign started on social media, with a lot of Ghanaians jumping on the trend. According to the conveners of the campaign, the demonstration is just the first of many to happen in the coming weeks.