DR Congo Leader Using Crisis To Delay Polls – Kagame

DR Congo Leader Using Crisis To Delay Polls – Kagame
Paul Kagame



The Rwandan president has accused his Democratic Republic of Congo counterpart of “trying to find a way to have the next elections postponed” by implicating Rwanda in the country’s crisis. President Paul Kagame accused the Congolese leader Félix Tshisekedi of creating “grounds for an emergency so that [next year’s] elections don’t take place”. Kinshasa hasn’t immediately


responded to President Kagame’s remarks, who without presenting facts said Congolese president didn’t win “the first elections”. In a lengthy rare speech on Thursday in parliament, Mr Kagame said it was a “shame” many parties and countriesclaim to want to resolve the problem that has remained for decades. He cautioned powerful countries, mentioning the US, UK, France, and



the UN, of accusing or believing that Rwanda was to blame on the instabilities in eastern Congo. He accused UN forces of failing to eradicate the Rwandan rebel group – FDLR – and others operating in DR Congo. He also denied claims that Rwanda was stealing minerals from DR Congo. One thing we are not, we are not thieves, he said. They are accusing us of stealing



Congo’s minerals how about the destination? he questioned. Mr Kagame said the M23 rebels were not Rwandans but Congolese, blaming their insurgency on the Kinshasa government for not respecting previous agreements with the group. He said Rwanda could help to address the problem of M23 and other rebel groups because we are interested in a stable neighbourhood.