Father of 'missing Takoradi girl' attacks suspect in court

Father of 'missing Takoradi girl' attacks suspect in court



There was drama at the Sekondi High court on Wednesday, when the father of one of the three murdered Takoradi girls, Priscilla Blessing Bentum attacked suspect Samuel Udoetuk Wills after the case was adjourned.


State Attorney, Adeliade Kobiri-Woode had asked for an adjournment to receive a document from the investigator handling the case, a plea that was approved by Presiding Judge, Justice Hannah Taylor, to the dismay of Francis Bentum.

Frustrated by the frequent adjournment of the case, Mr. Bentum physically attacked the suspect and had to be pulled back by some family members.


The action forced police personnel present to quickly escort the two suspects, John Orji and Sam Udoetuk Wills out of the courtroom to avoid further attacks from other family members.


After the incident, Mr. Bentum said the slow pace with which the case was being handled is frustrating and depressing.


“This is total rubbish. We got to court today and less than 5 minutes the case has been adjourned. They are not even trying to tell us what is going on, all we hear is case adjourned, case adjourned.


“Since December to now, we haven’t seen any document, just coming to court and being told the case has been adjourned, why? Now we are frustrated. We need government to sit up or we will turn our wrath on them, either physically or spiritually’, he fumed.The case has been adjourned to February 5.