FDA Arrests Peddlers Of Unregistered ‘Nkoyo’ And ‘Nnompe Nnompe’ Tablets

FDA Arrests Peddlers Of Unregistered ‘Nkoyo’ And ‘Nnompe Nnompe’ Tablets



The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has caused the arrest of some peddlers of two unregistered local medicines. In a statement, signed by Chief Executive Officer of FDA, Delese Darko, the state regulator of food and drugs said the two drugs named ‘Nkoyo’ and ‘Nnompe Nnompe’ which are sold as herbal


preparations for the treatment of pain and inflammatory diseases, are not registered with the authority. Laboratory analysis has shown that each container has a steroid tablet and an anti-inflammatory tablet. These unregistered drugs contain active ingredients classified as prescription only medicines in unknown quantities.



These products may also contain other unknown substances. The continuous use of these products without proper prescriptions and guidance can lead to serious adverse health effects such as headaches, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, depression, high blood pressure, indigestion,



restlessness, black or tarry stool and insomnia among others, the FDA said. While stating its efforts to rid the market of the two products, the FDA advised the general public to stop patronizing ‘Nkoyo’ and ‘Nnompe Nnompe’ tablets saying it cannot guarantee their safety for use. The public is therefore warned to desist from



buying and using these products since the FDA cannot guarantee the health and safety of users of these unregistered products. The FDA seized large quantities of the products and safely disposed of them. The FDA is also assisting the security agencies in their investigations to ensure that all those involved are apprehended and dealt with appropriately, the regulator said.