FDA Pledges Zero Tolerance For Corruption

FDA Pledges Zero Tolerance For Corruption



The CEO of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) Mimi Delese Darko, has cautioned all the staff to desist from corrupt practices, as they discharge their duties. The FDA CEO warned staff that there will be zero tolerance for corruption in the years ahead. She further stated that the FDA would not shield, or hesitate to punish the


persons found to be corrupt while working on behalf of the FDA. In April 2021, the FDA terminated appointment of some of its staff after a disciplinary committee found them guilty of misconduct. In a meeting with the Deputy Chief Executives, Regional Heads, and Acting Directors of the FDA on the 29th of December 2021, Mrs. Darko



reminded them of the need to strictly adhere to the core values of the institution in order to ensure public health and safety. The CEO enumerated the core values that underpin the operations of the FDA which are Integrity, Teamwork and Accountability. She added that these values must also constitute the driving force of the



operations of FDA and a representation of the ethical principles that drive their organizational culture. She also reiterated the importance of FDA’s mandate as a public institution whose activities directly impact the lives and well-being of Ghanaians, reminding staff to deliver on this assignment. According to Mimi Darko,



any oversight or slip by any member of staff will have huge implications on the nation and derail the FDA from achieving its set objectives. The CEO further entreated all staff to strive to maintain the good name the FDA has attained over the years, and eschew selfish and irresponsible actions targeted at personal gains that might cast a bad look on the Authority as a whole.