Feasibility Studies Ongoing For Dualisation Of Major Roads - Highways Authority

Feasibility Studies Ongoing For Dualisation Of Major Roads - Highways Authority



Ghana Highways Authority PRO, Cecil Obodai Wentum, says work is ongoing for the dualisation of some major roads in the country. His comments come in the wake of recent fatal crashes on the Accra Kumasi and Accra Cape Coast roads. These accidents and others in the past have mostly occurred also as a result of wrongful


overtaking or head on collisions, and a situation many believe would have reduced if all these major highways were dualized. Mr. Cecil Wentum said there were some feasibility studies ongoing in this regard, specifically on the Accra Takoradi road. We are aware that the 2021 is going to be another year of roads. This is where on the



desk of the ministry as a priority, we are going to see a number of new dualisation programmes too. There are some geotechnical investigations that are underway and some survey work that is underway. You may not see an excavator, you might not see a caterpillar digging the ground; that is not to suggest that the construction



work has not started. In addition to these assurances, Mr. Wentum said enforcement of road traffic laws was also an important solution to road crashes. You and I are very much aware that as and when we even improve our roads, we even record more accidents. It also tells you that there is a problem, it tells you that there is a



situation that we have to fix. It is attitudinal. We can still dualise our roads but we will still record accidents if we also don’t change our attitudes too on the road [and] if enforcement is not the priority. A roads and a building consultant, Mahama Abdulai, reiterated the importance of dualising roads. He however feels raising money for



such projects could also be a problem and even if the government had all the money too, I can say it may take years to be able to continue the dualisaiton of the road from the Apedwa towards Kumasi and beyond and then from the Kasoa towards the Winneba, Cape Coast and Takoradi, Mr. Mahama Abdulai added.