Fire Destroys 4-Bedroom House At Obuasi

Fire Destroys 4-Bedroom House At Obuasi
Rebecca Asuman, Landlady



Fire has burnt a four-bedroom house into ashes at Brahabebome in the Obuasi East District. The landlady of the house in the Ashanti regional town, Rebecca Asuman shared how and what caused the fire. According to her, the tenant was cooking with gas and slept off. She the landlady too was sleeping and all she could hear was yellings from people.


And when she woke up, the inferno was out of control. Rebecca, a window in her 60s, called on philanthropists to come to her aid. According to her, nothing was salvaged from any of the four rooms as the fire service could not get access to the location of the house. The tenant through which the incident






happened narrated exactly how the fire started. She said she woke up early in the morning to prepare food. When she turned on the gas and triggered the lighter, the flames came up at once and caught a loose fibre net at her window and that was it. She continued that she started screaming for help.



Some of the other tenants said they lost TVs, refrigerators, money, and clothing to the fire but no life was lost. They are depending on people’s benevolence to be able to get by. An officer at the Obuasi fire station, Kobina Yankah revealed that they had a distress call at 2:58 am concerning the fire and when they got there it was indeed true as reported.



According to him, this was the second fire incident in Obuasi this Christmas. He admonished the public to always turn off all electrical appliances from the switch and not a remote control and to also apply safety measures in the usage of gas cylinders.