Four Persons Killed after Stabbing Attack In Israel’s Naqab Region

Palestinian Bedouin was shot dead by a passer-by after reportedly carrying out the attack, which wounded two others.

Four Persons Killed after Stabbing Attack In Israel’s Naqab Region
Blood stains a road as Policemen work at the scene of an attack in Beer al-Sabe



A Palestinian man was also fatally shot after reportedly carrying out a stabbing attack near a shopping centre in the southern Israeli city of Beer al-Sabe (Be’er Sheva), killing at least four people and wounding two others too. The suspected attacker was identified by the local media as 33 year old Ahmed al-Qiaan, a teacher who also hailed from the town of the Hura in the Naqab


(Negev) region, and had been imprisoned for alleged links to the ISIL (ISIS) group. He was shot by a passer-by at a petrol station, Israeli police said on Tuesday. It appeared to be a single terrorist who also went on a stabbing spree, the Police spokesman Eli Levy said on the Tuesday, in remarks to the Channel 13 TV. A civilian took the initiative and shot and killed him.



The wreckage of a car is seen at the scene of the attack in a shopping area in Beer al-Sabe



Medics said three women and a man were killed by the attacker, and that at least two other people were also wounded, one critically. Palestinian media reported that Israeli police carried out a raid in Hura later on Tuesday, shutting down roads and then surrounding al-Qiaan’s residence. An Israeli court in 2015 had sentenced him to four years in prison after accusing him of being an



ISIL member. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office said in a statement that security forces were on high alert. We will also act vigorously against terrorist operations. We will follow up and arrest those who provided them with assistance, the statement read. Meanwhile, the Hamas, the group that governs the occupied Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, praised the attack.



Four people were reportedly killed by the suspected attacker, who was later shot dead



Hamas spokesperson Abdel-Latif al-Qanou said crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people can only be met with such heroic acts. Islamic Jihad spokesperson Tariq Salmi said the attack was a natural response to the crimes of the occupation in the Naqab, adding that Israel will realise once again that our



people will not surrender. Palestinian Bedouins in the Naqab have long faced discrimination as Israel has pushed ahead with plans to replace Bedouin villages with Jewish-only towns. They are often denied state services, including water, electricity and educational facilities. Some 300,000 Palestinian Bedouins who hold Israeli citizenship live in the region, which makes up



about half of the country’s landmass. At least thirty percent of them live in some 35 unrecognised villages under threat of demolition, and are also viewed as trespassers by the Israeli government. Israeli forces have regularly carried out demolition orders in the area, arguing that these villages lack building permits, but residents have said it is impossible to obtain a permit to build legally.