From a ‘pure water’ seller to a physician assistant – Story of Gladys Akyere Rockson

From a ‘pure water’ seller to a physician assistant – Story of Gladys Akyere Rockson
Gladys Akyere Rockson

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde

These words have played a vital role in the life of many young people who have surmounted the tallest of hurdles to impact on society through philanthropy.

One such person is 25-year-old President of The Rocksons Foundation, CEO of Lamrock Agency and model, Gladys Akyere Rockson.

Rising above the harsh smiles of life to become a gem in society, enriching lives anywhere she finds herself is what this young gem does best.

Little Girl with a big heart

Gladys, in her childhood, was very generous and willing to share the little she had even if she would have to starve.

 “I am a person with a very big heart, and because of that, people even took advantage of me and defrauded me several times so I had to sit down and think about how freely I was giving to people.

"I realised that they were just exploiting me so why don't I give to people who genuinely deserve it," Gladys said.

Hawking for survival

Gladys in narrating a bit of her childhood, said growing up was not easy for her especially been the last of five siblings.

She said her mother was just a housewife and after the demise of her father when she was in Senior High School (SHS) Form 1 in Yaa Asantewaa Girls SHS, life became unbearable for mother and children.

"We the children had to sell pure water to make ends meet and my mother had to eventually join us to sell while she also did laundry for people at a fee to keep the family alive," Gladys noted. .

Labelled communal misfits

Recounting, she said: "We lived in an affluent community, thus people saw us to be the odd ones out".

Gladys recalled, "People did not even predict this future I have now because I could not at that time, be counted among those who could even make it to secondary school."

"My family was belittled and barely seen to be a family that would survive its hardships," she added.

Eyes on the future

The Rocksons Foundation CEO said each of her siblings, nevertheless, had a vision and focused on attaining good education and progressing in life.

"It got to a time, all of us had to stay home for about two years for my senior brother to complete school, followed by my sister and that trend followed until we all completed.

"We planned to survive, and now, we are all proud of ourselves," Gladys noted.

The Rocksons Foundation

According to Gladys, it all began three years ago on her birthday, July 6, when she was in the second year at Central University College.

She said The Rocksons Foundation was an NGO that believed that the world would be a better place if everyone could contribute their quota to boost the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Goals of the foundation

"My main aim is to make sure kids in deprived areas have access to education and educational materials and also eradicate the issue of early childbirth among girls in those areas, Miss Rockson said.

She said children in those areas had no role models to look up to, who would help them focus on their education so her foundation was determined to curb that situation.

Innovations and achievements

Gladys said her agency, Lamrock Agency, organised the 'Miss Health Ghana Pageant’ in March 2019, where Ohemaa Akyaa Agyekum emerged victoriously.

Gladys noted that the winner, had embarked on an SHS Tour about Reproductive Health Education and the Foundation was currently working on a breast cancer awareness for October this year dubbed 'Pinktober'.

In education, Gladys said she has also held a ‘Young Women in Health Summit’ purposely for health workers to enlighten them on the opportunities both in and outside the field of health care with an award scheme in health in the offing among many other innovations.

Combining work and philanthropy

Miss Gladys Akyere Rockson, now Physician Assistant by profession, aims to touch more lives daily as she continues to combine her passion and occupation in the best way she could. 


Source: The Mirror