Gomoa East District supports persons with disability

Gomoa East District supports persons with disability



The Gomoa East District Assembly has presented some items to persons with disability in the district.

The items presented include 18 deep freezers, five sewing machines, two knitting machines, two industrial machines, six containers, fufu pounding machines, and one corn milling machine.

Some tricycles and an undisclosed amount of money were also given to them.

The Member of Parliament for Gomoa East Constituency, Kojo Asemanyi in a Citi News interview indicated that the gesture will be repeated yearly as a way of showing support to the physically challenged within the district.

“This money comes every quarter so we are going to use part of it to support the physically challenged and very soon every disabled in Gomoa East will have some sort of tool or cash support to support their business and I say  never again will any disabled be on the street begging for food” the Member of Parliament explained.

District Chief Executive for Gomoa East, Solomon Darko Quarm noted that it is the desire of every government to curb the practice of begging for alms on the street which sometimes result in the loss of lives through accident hence the donation.



“I want to entreat you to be good ambassadors and discourage your colleagues from taking to the streets to beg,” Solomon Darko Quarm told the beneficiaries



He added that the assembly will continue to give the needed support to enable persons with disability to achieve their set goals as they form a significant percentage of the nation’s human resources.


“Those who applied for items such as deep freezers, sewing machines, fufu pounding machines, tricycles, and sizable amount of money for trading purposes will be supported based on their request,” the District Chief Executive added.



He however entreated all beneficiaries to take proper care of the items given to them and to invest in productive ventures that will help uplift their standards of living and welfare.



“Family of beneficiaries should help take care of the items and put them to good use,” he noted.



He again called on the general public added to stop discriminating against people living with disability since it is not their fault they find themselves in their present condition.



“We must stop discriminating against persons with disability since it is not their fault they find themselves in their present condition” Solomon Darko Quarm added.