Government Sets Up Early Warning Center To Deal With Insurgency

Government Sets Up Early Warning Center To Deal With Insurgency



The government has set up an Early Warning Center as part of plans to deal with possible insurgency in Ghana following a series of military coup d’état recorded within the West African sub-region in the last nine months. According to the government, centre would help detect issues that could fuel a military takeover. Addressing


the media, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway said all member states of ECOWAS are expected to emulate proactive measure under a revised protocol on democracy and good governance by the economic union. The ECOWAS Commission has been tasked to review supplementary



protocol on democracy and good governance so that we pre-empt issues that could occur, such as those that happened in Guinea. One of the things in the review that is very critical is the Early Warning System that Ghana has recently set up. All fifteen member states are also supposed to follow suit. With recent happenings, it is



only important that everyone gets their Early Warning Centers operational so that they will be proactive to deal with issues that may lead to such happening. The government also appealed to the United Nations to financially resource ECOWAS to augment its security efforts in dealing with insecurities in the sub-region.



Already, in our capacity as Chair of the African Union Peace and Security Council, we are also committed to ensuring a strong united and effective African voice of the solutions that are critical to Africa’s progress. That is silencing the guns and ending terrorism and extreme violence in the Sahel and elsewhere on the continent.



There is a need to strengthen the security capacity of the African regional economic communities, including ECOWAS. We must get sustainable funding from the United Nations to complement our own regional peace and security initiatives to address climate inducing securities in our region.