GPRTU Dissociates Itself From Decision To Increase Fares By 40%

GPRTU Dissociates Itself From Decision To Increase Fares By 40%



The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has dissociated itself from the decision taken by Concerned Drivers Association to increase transport fares by 40% from next week. Concerned Drivers say, the decision to increase fares from the January 17, is to ameliorate the unbearable hardships facing drivers. However, GPRTU


says there is no future plan to increase transport fares. In an interview, the Industrial Relations Officer of the GPRTU, Imoro Abbas also said their decision to rather negotiate with government to scrap some levies on the petroleum products is still in motion. As GPRTU, we all want to dissociate ourselves from them (Concerned



Drivers Association). We are yet to meet to see if we also have any different decision than appealing to the Government to scrap some of the taxes that we earlier complained about to the government too. That was the decision taken, and we’re surprised they’ve come up with this decision. For now, as GPRTU, we also haven’t



decided on the line they are towing now. We don’t just come out and then say we are doing something without going through the due process, that’s why we are saying we all want to dissociate ourselves, he said. Mr. Imoro added that the leadership of the GPRTU will meet after it has resumed from the yuletide break to decide on the



way forward. We’ll plead with the public that we’ll meet and come out with a decision, so for now we don’t want to say anything which we haven’t decided on. We’ve just resumed today, so by Friday you will hear from us.