GRA To Prosecute Businesses Issuing Fake VAT Invoices To Consumers

GRA To Prosecute Businesses Issuing Fake VAT Invoices To Consumers




The Domestic Tax Revenue Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has warned businesses issuing fake Valued Added Tax (VAT) invoices to consumers to desist from that or face prosecution. This is part of its aggressive nationwide exercise to ensure compliance in order to rake in more revenue for the State. Addressing


some sections of the media, Head of the Domestic Tax Revenue Division, Edward Gyambrah, said his outfit will punish registered businesses who do not issue the right VAT invoices to customers. The authority said this is one of the measures taken to achieve its target for the year and as a result, the exercise is not expected to end soon.



We are cautioning all registered businesses dealing with customers to be transparent and not evade taxes. You are supposed to issue VAT invoices to customers, don’t be asking whether they need receipt or not because that is criminal, Mr. Gyambrah pointed out. We have started with the invigilation and we will continue across the



country, he stressed. The authority asserts that it will carry out various mystery shopping operations to hold some of the criminals accountable and deter others from indulging in similar actions. We will embark on various mystery shopping where we would have some of our officers in some of the shops and businesses to buy goods from them. From October [2022], we are looking



forward to start automating some the VAT invoices to fast track processes, he said. Mr. Gyambrah maintained that VAT invoices will be automated in October 2022 to monitor activities of registered businesses acquired to issue the invoices. The authority concluded that it will not relent in its efforts in raking in more revenue for the country.