Habits That Destroy The Kidneys

Habits That Destroy The Kidneys



Generally, we might all have known about the shape of the kidney and how it works. We could be able to remember how the kidney works accordingly since we have been educated earlier. Being one of the important


organs, the primary work of the kidney is to filter the harmful toxins and  filters excess of water from our body naturally. The bean-shaped kidney is located just against the back muscle in the upper abdominal cavity



of the human body. But people adapt some bad and careless habits which might be harmful to kidneys and it might also lead to kidney failure. Here is the list of careless habits that we might affect the kidney.




 Urinating is the most important thing to do in our day-to-day life. Naturally, our body must flush out the waste from the bladder which is a highly essential and healthy thing for a kidney.



When you remain with a bladder full for a too long period, then you are purposely getting your body into health issues. It might increase the pressure in the kidneys which will lead to serious issues.




Too much salt intake is very dangerous. People should consume salt in a limited amount which will be good for their health and if you consume salt more than the required amount, then it definitely destroys the kidneys.



The fact is that sodium pushes your kidneys under risk when it is given pressure due to excess salt. So, it is highly recommended to add salt in a limited amount.






Drinking water is indispensable in our daily life! You must consume adequate water to keep your body hydrated. If you are not consuming enough amount of water, then you are risking your kidneys. Insufficient water intake might have negative impacts on your health such as forming stones in the kidney.




You might have heard about people warning you not to take pain killers. But it is true because it affects the health of your body later or it might have side effects too. Even experts suggest that consuming pain killers regularly might cause serious damages to your kidneys. So, it has a negative impact not only on your kidney but also on the other parts of the body.




 When you consume alcohol more than the required amount, then it directly affects your liver as well as kidneys. Due to lots of pressure-induced on kidneys, it pushes the kidneys to risk. Excessive intake of alcohol increases the uric acid and leads to kidney failure by chance.




Working out at gym with weights too hard and too long can cause rhabdomyolysis, a condition when your muscles get injured and the dead muscle fibers in form of myoglobin is too high in your blood and when passes through kidneys can damage the kidneys. This can lead to serious health complications including kidney failure.




Over consumption of animal protein can create a lot of acid in your blood that can lead to acidosis. Animal meat specially Red Meat sources have toxins like ammonia and nitrogen. If you enjoy these too often in your diet, you’ll send your kidneys into overdrive as they try to filter the toxins. With time, this disorder may cause chronic kidney problems and get you closer your grave.




 Not sleeping well and Stress can be and aggravating factor for chronic kidney disease. Chronic sleep disorders can lead to atherosclerosis or the hardening and clogging of your arteries. This could lead to high blood pressure that can overload your kidneys and cause chronic kidney failure.