Ho Technical University Students Living In fear After Robbers Stab Colleague

Ho Technical University Students Living In fear After Robbers Stab Colleague



The Students of the Ho Technical University have been thrown into a state of fear and panic after a student was butchered by some unknown assailants around the university’s campus. The young man was attacked after he was confronted by some 3 persons suspected to be robbers at about 9pm on the Sunday. The robbers then


demanded the phones of the victim and a lady whom he was walking with, but the victim refused to hand over his cellphone. Sensing some resistance from him, the robbers reportedly inflicted deep machete wounds on his head and left shoulder also, but spared the lady. A passer-by, who chanced on the victim while driving,



rushed him to the Ho Technical University Clinic, where he is currently receiving treatment. Some students of the Ho Technical University say they are currently living in fear as they do not know who the next victim would be. We are not safe at all, even the Southern gate it’s not safe even at 7 pm too. Formerly, there were Policemen



guiding us, but they have stopped. The number of robberies is increasing. We are very scared, there is no security here. Assembly Member for the Bosontoe Electoral Area, Sefadzi Agama said, the influx of hostels around the school and inadequate security personnel deployed on the campus is partly the reason for the rise



in criminal activities. We have also realised that the Ho Technical University and some other hostels around the electoral area have been experiencing attacks where their personal belongings are being snatched. I have complained several times to the Municipal Assembly to help fix the lighting situation, but nothing has been done



yet. The lighting situation is also nothing to write home about. If it is fixed, it would limit the problem. We used to have some police security around, but now they hang around someone’s private residence, maybe a shed should be set up for them, he added.