Hohoe MCE Appeals To Drivers And Cyclists To Minimise Speeding

Hohoe MCE Appeals To Drivers And Cyclists To Minimise Speeding



Hohoe Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) has appealed to drivers and cyclists in the Municipality to minimise their level of speed in some communities. Daniel Noble Awume said the speeding created discomfort for communities on the untarred roads particularly the Eastern Corridor


stretch between the “Alabato Junction through Gbi-Kpoeta to Gbi-Godenu, Gbi-Blave road and others.” Mr Awume in an interview also noted that the actions of the drivers and cyclists disrupted the peace and tranquillity enjoyed by business operators along the stretch. He said there was also



huge health hazards posed to the communities and businesses by the volumes of dust blown into the atmosphere which compromised air quality and the environment. Mr Awume noted that efforts of his outfit and that of the Member of Parliament, some level of facelift had been recorded. He said it


included expansion, resurfacing, and levelling of roads and construction of drainage systems within the Municipality. This is a clear indication that, sooner than later, our roads will be fixed and made motorable for our road users.” He said they were committed to the cause and would do everything



possible within their means to ensure the process was a fast track to see the President’s vision of the “year of roads” came to fruition. Mr Awume called on stakeholders, opinion leaders, the media, and the security forces to intervene and bring sanity on the roads. “This call goes to all to rise to the occasion,


reduce speed and over speeding on our roads and be law-abiding citizens for our better good in this season of harmattan.”